Assignment 1 – Self Assessment

Assignment introduction

This assignment represents the final work of Part 1 of Understanding Visual Culture course as part of OCA studies of student Marija Agić (516770).

The assignment consists of two parts:

  • The Part A will be discussing the topic of the “innocent eye” as a point of view when analysing artwork;
  • The Part B will be an analysis of invention or discovery of perspective as a tool for artists in representing space and object relations in paintings.

Assignment Criteria

Demonstration of subject based knowledge and understanding

Broad and comparative understanding of subject content, knowledge of the appropriate historical, intellectual, cultural or institutional contexts.

Since this is my first assignment it is not easy for me to evaluate the scope of my current knowledge. By reading different materials like books and content I found on the internet websites related to the assignment I tried to build my understanding of Visual Culture first. In a smaller scale I learned about Mark Tansey’s work in general and not just the picture “The Innocent Eye”.

I am concerned that I did not really show “comparative understanding”. That will require me some more time to gain more in-depth understanding of contemporary artists.

The second part of the task I interpreted as a more of a philosophical discussion and I concentrated more on non-art materials in explaining what discoveries or inventions were. My personal impression was that I covered the second part better as it allowed me to use some of my general knowledge and not just the beginnings of my understanding of Visual Culture.

Demonstration of research skills

Information retrieval and organisation, use of IT to assist research, ability to evaluate IT sources, the ability to design and carry out a research project, locate and evaluate evidence from a wide range of primary and secondary sources (visual, oral, aural or textual).

I mostly used textual sources during my research. For information research I used my computer and popular internet search engines. Some of my sources were websites, but I did aim to use websites that were in some form part of an education platform or other relevant sites. However most of my preparation for the assignment came from reading two books: “The Construction of Social Reality” by Searle and “What to pictures want” by Mitchel. I used them as primary and secondary sources. As secondary sources they led me to look up more secondary sources or find the primary source referenced there.

Demonstration of critical and evaluation skills

Engagement with concepts, values and debates, evidence of analysis, reflection, critical thinking, synthesis, interpretation in relation to relevant issues and enquiries.

Of all the elements listed here, I would say I have shown evidence of analysis, reflection and critical thinking. Values and debates I am not sure I covered, at least not in the sense of what have others written on the exact same topic.

I used interpretation and evaluation skills while reading the materials I used in my research to figure out what was relevant for my assignment.


The ability to communicate ideas and knowledge in written and spoken form, including presentation skills.

My aim was to make the assignment readable to a person who has no prior knowledge of the assignment matter. The document was formatted and titled so the reader can easily understand the structure of the document.

During my writing I was using knowledge and ideas that were clear to me so that I could be able to use them or explain them with more confidence to the reader. My concern with this area is using domain language without explaining it. I.e. I assumed that the reader will have some prior knowledge of certain words or phrases used. In that aspect I was balancing the word count and focus on the subject matter.


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