Part 1 – Overall impression and reflection

Dear me 3 months ago, I am happy you choose to enroll this class 🙂 Now after finishing all the activities related to Part 1 I feel ready and happy to start with Part 2.

Before opening up the next chapter I wanted to reflect a bit on my path in P1 and what I will try to do more and what I will try to avoid in the next one.

I started off without understanding anything about visual culture and what it represented. Having some previous knowledge of art did not seem to help get the grasp of what is this field of study. It reflected in how I approached my exercises. I used them more like they were  some mathematical tasks to calculate and be done with.

Example of this was: Exercise 1.3 – What is art? E.g. if I knew about the concept of “Found object” in art I would have approached it differently. Reading more books and sources has broaden my understanding.

Reading Searle and looking at art from a philosophical aspect helped me gain a sense of what writing language is expected. Also it moved my thinking from art as technique to art as a game changer. Well, it is not that I was unaware of it before, but now I have it in my vocabulary.

Being very new to this topic I did not even know what to ask my tutor for help. I decided just to take her advice and read and do. That approach helped me learn trough experience.

My first assignment was something I was a bit afraid of. Reading Mitchel and how he uses his words and leads the reader trough many perspectives of art, visual representations and the world around us, was intimidating. Was I expected to write like this?! How in the world will I get that eloquent in such a short time? These were my concerns.

I started the Part 1 by going trough exercises “quickly” to leave more time for the assignment as I calculated it will take me a lot more time to create an essay. And it did. More than I anticipated, but I started well on time so I sent in my assignment prior to the deadline.

Once I got my feedback I reviewed it, slept over, reviewed it several more times, created an action list and dug deeper into the topic. Thanks to my tutor I opened my mind to new ideas and new concepts of writing. I am much happier with the reworked version than with the first one – but it would not have been possible without her review and help.

What to do:

  • Read more before doing an exercise
  • Start collecting materials and ideas for the assignment from day 1
  • Even when I have very little energy to read complex texts I can always try to review a piece of work or read a quick web article

What not to do:

  • Leave working on the assignment as the last task
  • Take exercises lightly as they can be a means to get inspired for further reading
  • Go for days without posting on my blog. My blog helps me search trough my notes better than my analog notebook.

….and now off to Part 2 🙂


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