Today I learned – Earth Girls Are Easy

A new milestone achieved: I found a movie on TV last night that I started watching almost by accident. In the first few minutes I suspected it had elements of postmodernism so I continued watching it. As the movie continued I recognised more and more elements and felt proud of myself that I finally managed to recognise postmodernism when I saw it. The movie was Earth Girls Are Easy by Julien Temple.

The story line starts by 3 extraterrestrials crashing into a pool of an L.A. Valley girl. It has a borderline parody effect as the aliens are getting excited by images of stereotypical 80s Californian women and commenting that they are still quite attractive even though they lack body hair. The aliens are covered in fur – each in his own colour which will later be subtly emphasised but some racial puns.

It has a lot of references to pop culture e.g. the main character explaining why the aliens did not have last names by saying a common phrase as “you know, like Cher” referencing a popular singer famous for her unique name at the time.

Embedded advertisements are laid into the context of the movie so in some scenes frames if taken out of context one could easily think that it was a billboard or newspaper ad.

Intertextuality i.e. segments of movies and TV shows are displayed in the movie directly or reacted again as part of the story line. The dream or better yet nightmare of the main caracter in black and white with references to various SF movies or storylines depicted in other movies (e.g. the robot from The Lost Planet).

Parody elements with the song about the blonde at a beach in California is mocking the stereotype of blonde women that get what they need without effort and based on their beauty where in fact the same stereotype is used in the movie itself as part of the story line. It was somewhat a funny moment where the movie contradicts itself by making a mockery of an image that the movie is also using as part of its construction.

I might not have been very impressed by the story line of a human female falling in love with a Mr. Right who, well happens to be, an alien – but the fact that I recognized postmodernity elements in it, I had fun watching it by naming those elements in my head.



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