A3 – Thinking Process – The visionary, the manipulator and the slave

Belonging to the corporate world and IT industry it is rather natural for me to spend some time on Linked In every day. Being there, consuming the content and reviewing the news feed, one topic constantly repeats itself. The topic of leadership.

The images of bad managers juxtaposed to images of great leadership.

Being in an office every workday, stuck in meetings, working trough corporate politics and sometimes against it the topic of leadership is one I dwell on almost daily. It is something I studied before becoming a team lead myself, but once I had to take on such a role officially it became even more important.

The assignment 3 is to reflect on how is the Allegory of the cave by Plato still valid today. This question was combined in my head with a topic that I am surrounded with from inside and outside.

In the workplace we all play different roles at different times. Sometimes in a single day we wear many hats. This is not just true when we are placed to play a role on a project (developer, tester, project manager) but also the role we play in our internal world of presence, consciousness and growth.

Our internal place of where we are in the personal development and growth has a ripple effect onto the people that surround us.

If we are changing, living new ideas, creating new realities – we play the role of the visionary. We will as a consequence feel rejection by others. People do not like change, they are inert by nature, like any other matter. They will intuitively resist the change. However when we change we realise that change, we realise the difference and we reject the past realities as false.

When visionaries realise a new reality, their actions create new slaves of that reality. People that accept the new ideas, new realities, they become in-prisoned in that new world when they accept it. They find that to be the only truth and only possibility.

For slaves to continue their existence and their current mindset require reinforcement of their own reality every day. They need someone to continue presenting them with the reality they choose to be true. Otherwise if not supported, they might grow, leave the mindset, learn and evolve. So they require manipulators to help them remain where they are. It is not relevant what manipulator’s think reality is, what is their truth, is there a different truth. What is important is that they keep supporting the status quo, that they keep creating the simulacra for the slave.

The slave needs the manipulator. The manipulator needs the slave.

No one needs the visionary.


2 thoughts on “A3 – Thinking Process – The visionary, the manipulator and the slave

  1. Truly thought-provoking – can a slave be a manipulator as well? And what kind of leadership is declared in your environment (eg linked in)? Who states first that the past is ‘false’?

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    1. In my environment the declaration means little unless there is a true an authentic change in the mind of the individuals. We can declare a “flat organisation” and “power to the people” but if people have a need for structure and pyramid organization – they will create one regardless of what is written on paper.
      So when one who is stating the “past” is false, if they want others to convert there is a process of transformation they need to host and take care of.

      Can a slave be the manipulator: I would say by all means. They can choose to interpert the shadows for others … in a way they find useful – to keep everyone where they are… spread the fear, anxiety, keep on partying and with hedonism hide the need for the truth.

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